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What is?

The book, of course! Brevity in Paradise is available in paperback on Amazon, and with Prime shipping, I got mine (all ten copies) the day after publication. Am I ridiculously thrilled to have a small part of a self-published book out there? Of course I am.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read, and as soon as I knew how to put words together to make a sentence, I wanted to create some of that excitement myself. When I was six, I made my dad a Father’s Day card. The front (with appropriate terrible drawing of a six-shooter-toting cowboy) said Yore day has come! The inside said—of course—Happy Fathers Day! and Whew! I actually gave it to Daddy, which is probably the first time I shared my great literary talent. Since then, I haven’t really expanded my audience much.

I don’t suppose anyone is likely to pop up and tell me my writing is pure junk. I have been accused of writing fluff, but that’s okay. Still, it wasn’t until I found OCWG (the Orange County Writers Guild) that I shared my stories with anyone outside my family.  Since everyone in my family circle was capable of writing intelligible sentences I felt safe there. Who knew what would lurk beyond the familial closeness?

You may have noticed that I even write in a blog now, at least occasionally. OCWG has been a huge boost to my self-confidence, and when the idea of an anthology of works deriving from our prompt writing was first put forward, I jumped right in. Well, all right, not exactly “jumped right in”; more like “let myself be dragged in”. But as we progressed through all the frustrations and delays associated with bringing forth our first book-child, I found that I am pleased as all get out to be a part of the whole thing.

If by chance you’re looking for something to read in snippets, I think you’d be pleased to have our book. Our group has some really good writers, in prose and poetry, in all genres.

So, you see, I’ve gone suddenly from keeping my words close to myself to begging total strangers to spend their hard-earned bucks to share bits and pieces of my writing and that of my friends. Not only that, the next blog will probably ask you to post a review, (unless you hate the book, in which case please disregard this sentence). If you’re broke or uninterested, don’t worry. I promise I’ll still pop in here once in a while and ramble on about my life.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.