Ha! I’ll bet you thought I was going to say Lake Wobegon, didn’t you?
Maybe not. Maybe Prairie Home Companion has gently faded into memories like so many other good things. Our local PBS station stopped broadcasting this program, along with several other favorites, several years ago when they decided to change their format or their affiliations or something. The only thing that mattered to us was that we’d be missing some really great shows.
I’ve been hauling out reminiscences just for fun today, an activity brought on by the date, February 8, which just happens to be my wedding anniversary. Fifty-three and counting, this year. It’s a good time to remember all the fun we’ve had for over half a century. Geez, it sounds terrible when you say it like that! It also makes it very hard to keep up the notion that I’m coming up on sixty years old pretty soon.

Anyway, there it is. I’ve been looking at some of the random posts I’ve put on here, especially back when I was new to WordPress and thought any day was wasted that didn’t see one of my tidbits submitted for the world to peruse. It occurs to me that a lot of those have had to do with things we enjoyed at different times over the last 53 years. It’s unlikely that we’re suddenly going to start rollerskating again at 75-80 years old, but the times we spent hauling ourselves around and around the rink are as warm as ever now in remembrance. And what could have been nicer than Saturday nights after the kids were in bed, with the lights soft and Thistle and Shamrock playing Celtic music to soothe the soul and Garrison Keillor and friends with always unexpected delights? Now we have to haul out the old reel-to-reel tape player if we want to hear those thirty year old programs.

Note: I looked it up online: PHC is still being produced, but Garrison Keillor retired from the show in 2016.

This post has started rambling a bit, but that’s okay. Today has been that kind of a day. Lest you think I live exclusively in the past, though, here’s another bit of news. A few of my short stories are going to be published—hopefully, this week—in an anthology put out by the Orange County Writers Guild (OCWG) and available on Amazon. It’s not a big deal to anyone but us, but I’d like to think that a few of my blog readers might take a chance and check it out. Most of the stories stem from our prompt writing sessions, and if you happened to drop in on those sessions, you’d hear some good impromptu writing and a whole lot of laughter. Actually, for some of my own prompt writing, take a look at my other blog, Stories Without End (there’s a link on this page) and keep in mind that the stories in the book are actually finished! I’ll no doubt be posting a bit of shameless promotion for the book in the near future. I wonder, does that count as the commercial? (sigh)

On top of everything else, we had rain this week! I hope next week is as good.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.