It’s possible, I suppose, that somewhere along the line a company has taken out ads to let the public know about a product that is NEW AND WORSE, but I haven’t seen any of those. I have certainly seen a lot of products and services that should legitimately be labeled in that manner, and so have most of the people I talk with.

What brings this up today? My computer has decided that every time we open Firefox, the screen will show not the homepage we designated in YAHOO, but a reprise of the last page up when we disconnected the time before. Now, I imagine this might be handy if you always looked at the same thing. In our house, because Hubby goes to bed at some ridiculous hour of the morning, the page that appears to my early morning eyes tends to be some Antique Radio and Electronics Forum. Personally, I’d rather start out with some generic and innocuous weather and news. From there I could choose where I want to go. Ever-helpful, these computers.

And how about the other entertainment area of the house? Let me begin with just one word: BUNDLE. Your cable (or whatever) provider no doubt has at least 947 different channels available for your enjoyment. For some reason, though, they are packaged so that those who choose old movies also must have a couple of dozen sports channels while they are blocked from programs they might want to see. Of course, the consumer can always access his choices (the company says with a smile) by simply adding another tier to his account. The new tier will contain three channels of what he prefers and twenty times that number of channels containing totally unwanted programming, all for an additional monthly fee, of course.

The new, easier way to measure flour for baking is to just pile it in a cup, no sifting needed. The labels say so. That’s fine, except that all my recipes call for for sifted flour, which results in a significant difference in the amount that actually makes it into my cake batter.

There have been miracle advances in medicine, many of which are advertised on TV; unfortunately the side effects can make life worse for all the remaining years. French fries at you local Greasyburger drive-thru don’t taste the same any more, since they’ve carefully removed all that unhealthy, flavorful oil from the fryers. Clothing fits a lot more people with one size now; it’s economically sound, but fashionably disastrous.

My opinion, for what it counts, is this: Take a good look at NEW AND IMPROVED before you jump in and embrace what might turn out to be not all that much better than what you have.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.