Okay, it’s official. I can’t decide where my story is going to go, and I have to have 8 or 10 pages ready for Tuesday midnight submission to my critique group. I won’t get flogged or anything if I don’t make the deadline, but they tend to shake their heads a lot and mutter things like, “And she’s retired! She’s got all day to write!”

Maybe that’s the problem. There’s always in the back of my mind the conviction that I have plenty of time to finish whatever it is. In this case, we even skipped one meeting because of the long holiday weekend, so I’ve had a whole month to come up with something marvelous instead of the usual two weeks. I figure by now I should have at least six good, well-written double-spaced pages to share with these writing buddies (who by this time probably all have full chapters already saved under “Ready to Submit.”

It’s not that I’m too lazy to write, and I certainly haven’t given up on this particular story. As a matter of fact, I keep thinking it might turn out to be one of my best; all I have to do it come up with a few little plot twists and a clever denouement and the whole thing will be a fait accompli. (I threw in those French words in hopes that my linguistic accomplishments will distract you from my plight. I do have a pretty good idea what they mean, by the way, even if I can’t pronounce them.) It’s Friday afternoon, and I’ve written exactly six sentences. However, it is six sentences written toward a good, viable conclusion. I’ve also written six sentences toward another good, viable conclusion. I just can’t make up my mind which road I should end up taking, and neither one of them reaches any point I might have considered during the journey to this point.

Perhaps there’s something significant in the six sentences. I know that the word “Sextet” will be part of the title. It’s an arbitrary choice, but one I made back at the beginning when all I had on Page One was a description of a bar that used to be a malt shop. I don’t know why; that’s just the way my mind works.

At any rate, I believe that once I get past the seventh or maybe eighth sentence of one trail or another, I can keep going until the story finishes itself. If that doesn’t happen, I may just have to keep writing two separate stories with the same 7,000 word beginnings. It might get interesting later.

In the meantime, I can pop in here and produce a blog about nothing at all. No pressure.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.