You probably haven’t noticed, but I’ve altered the name of my blog. AHA! You peeked, just to make sure, didn’t you? This wasn’t a big name change, really. All I did was to add a couple of spaces and Capitalize The Words.

I think that at the time I first set this up, I thought you had to use something that would work for a URL (whatever that is) so I skipped any grammar/formatting rules I might have considered proper. The time has come, though, to make the whole thing a little classier. I’m still bound by the limits of the FREE blog because I can’t make myself invest in something that is likely to slip all too often into dull prose or, worse, no prose at all for weeks at a time. Besides, I have no talent for doing anything more to the site than using bold or italics or both (see preceding sentence) and to tell the truth, I’m still not exactly sure what a URL is.

But hang in there with me, friends. I’ve almost convinced myself that a computer tutor—or a computor tuter—might be in my future. If and when that happens, I have every confidence that my blog will erupt with fountains of moving images and lots of cute little boxes asking for opinions from all my followers, or at least the ones who actually read the words. This may take a while, so you needn’t sit there with your cappuccino and a handful of high expectations; just check in once a year or so and we’ll see how it goes.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial. (I mean, After The Commercial)

OK, this is a really dumb post, but it’s too darn hot to do anything more active, at least until the sun goes down.