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If you could spend just one hour and NO money to save a person’s life, wouldn’t you do it? You can, you know. Red Cross bloodFor anyone who hasn’t donated blood the prospect can be a little scary, especially if you’ve always hated shots, but it’s EASY, almost completely PAINLESS—truly—and the actual process takes only a few minutes. This week, I was done in five minutes; I didn’t even finish a chapter in the book I was reading.
The rest of the time I spent at the Red Cross was taken up with paperwork, which is a nuisance but necessary to be sure the blood supply is safe for the person whose life you may save.
When someone you love needs a transfusion, you’ll be glad for the person who spent the hour to make that blood available. But when you’re a donor, you’ll come away glad every single time, knowing that you’re going to make a difference.

Please spend your hour soon.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.