We have such fun together!

We’ve made it for 50 years.  We have such a good time together!

Our 50th anniversary was yesterday. In some ways, it was just another day, because 99.99% of our days are great. This time, though, our daughter and son got together with my Sisty Ugler and made what we consider a perfect celebration, just family and fun.

We haven’t been to many golden wedding celebrations lately. How many folks do you know who stay together that long, anyway? When it happens, the celebrations tend to be gaudy and expensive; we didn’t want that, and we said so, loud and often, in the weeks before the big day. Thank goodness, the family took us at our word, and they gave us champagne in the sun, a beautiful cake and photographs to keep the memories fresh.

50th anniversary tableAfter that, it was noise and hullabaloo, but not directed at us!

Pechanga Casino is a bright, noisy, happy place here in Southern California, and we gave those shiny slot machines our fond attention all afternoon. Throughout the rest of the day, we all wandered the casino, bumping into each other occasionally to spend a few minutes sharing the latest “Whoopee!” or “Oh, damn!” depending on the behavior of the last machines we encountered. Just the way we wanted. Darling daughter caught up with us every so often, and proclaimed, “Oh, look! Isn’t it nice to see the 50th anniversary couple!” Then she’d slide away again as people around us looked at us and smiled strange little smiles. What fun! We didn’t have to put on airs for anyone, but somehow at least a few people that day took a few seconds to realize that longevity in a relationship isn’t an impossibility.

Keep watch on this site. I’ll be sure to share all the details if the family comes up with a celebration just as nice after the next 50 years.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.