Sure enough, the construction’s done! After months and months of construction dust, upgrades, plan changes and money flowing freely out of the wallet, the remodel of my daughter’s house is complete. With all of the “How did that happen?” and “No, a ten-foot island won’t fit in the new kitchen!” it’s a wonder any of us got through it.

At the very beginning, I thought she’d be able to stand in her new front doorway and hand out Halloween candy. October oozed its way in while we weren’t looking and the kiddies had to look elsewhere for their treats. The house wasn’t yet ready for company (but at least there was a working toilet.)

Okay, Thanksgiving dinner, then. I could see us putting Grandma’s hexagonal dining table in the freshly painted dining room and loading it with turkey and pies and everything in between. Somehow, though, the beautiful new kitchen floor had a glitch and had to be replaced. That wall needed another coat of paint and the fancy baseboard for this room came up six feet short. Appliances were sitting in the kitchen but not hooked up. Where is the plumber when we need him?

We ate at my house.

But Christmas–today–Darling Daughter is hosting, at last. There may be a few minutes of panic when she realizes that the only pan big enough for the turkey is still buried in the garage. She might get a little flustered if there are twelve boxes of powdered sugar in the new giant pantry and absolutely none of brown sugar, but she’ll take it in stride.

“I’m going to do it all,” she told us. “You don’t need to bring a thing.” In our family, that’s practically unheard of, but we’re taking her at her word. It’s her gift to us this year, and we plan to enjoy it.

It’s been an interesting year, all in all; there’s no telling what the next one will be like. But today, there’s peace and contentment and a comfortable home ready to fill with love and peace. Memories in the making.

I hope your home, too, is full of love and peace and the joy of a happy family this Christmas.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.