Yeah, I know. You’re thinking that it should be Big Red, right? It’s always Big Red.

The Big Yellow, though, is what I call a large, round Pyrex bowl that has been with me almost since the day I got married, some (almost) 50 years ago. It was my go-to bowl before anyone ever heard of a go-to anything.

When I use it for macaroni and cheese, Big Yellow is the perfect shape so that after I layer all the other parts of the marvelous dish, I can pour in milk until it just peeks out from under the macaroni mixture and I know that everything will come out exactly right. I have a big glass bowl that holds more macaroni and cheese, but if you pour the milk into that one, you’d better not wait until it peeks, or you’ll have a runny, milky mess.

I use Big Yellow for fruit salad. Nothing is as gloriously refreshing on a summer day than chunks of apple, orange, banana, melon, pineapple, maraschino cherries, and grapes, all gently dropped into the bowl about two hours before dinnertime. I’d say that you toss the ingredients, but believe me, you don’t want to toss this. It’s important to have the right bowl; the proper procedure is to gently coax each piece into proximity with its neighbor, so that all the yummy flavors meld and sweeten and every bite is ambrosia. No, wait..ambrosia is something else, and it uses an entirely different bowl.

Meat loaf is another dish that cries out for Big Yellow. I’ve never been a fan of meat loaf that actually looks like a loaf, the result of having been smashed and cooked in a little rectangular pan. Nope, you need to mix all that good beef and sausage, and lots and lots of sage and onion; once you’ve seasoned it all up to perfection, a little gentle shaping into a dome, and the whole thing goes into the oven. The heat swirls around inside of Big Yellow and caresses the meat until it’s crunchy out the outside and tender and sage-y in the middle. A little bacon on top doesn’t hurt, either.

And how about pie crust? Lots of room inside that bowl to work the Crisco and flour with a whisper touch of impeccably clean fingers for a crust that melts in the mouth.

Now, I understand that they still make the cookware sets that include Big Yellow and his smaller siblings. I saw one in the store one day, though, and the biggest bowl was not only Not Yellow, it was speckled! I think the company must have thought they needed to update their look, but in my opinion, they probably lost a lot of customers.

Big Speckled Pink is just not the same thing at all.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.