Have you ever noticed how easy it is to like someone who obviously likes you? It’s ingrained in us to respond to emotional cues from other human beings. If you smile at a baby, chances are he’ll smile back at you. If you “like” someone’s blog, he’ll “like” you back, right?

Not necessarily, at least in my case, and there’s a reason for that.

If I “like” your blog, it’s because I enjoy your writing, or your content, or just because you somehow made me think about a subject in a different way. When I punch that key to give you one more notch on your like counter, it means something. I don’t give my likes frivolously, and I DON”T do it so you will pop round to visit me and up my stats.

There are some who actually do enjoy these scribbles and are kind enough to “like” or “follow” this little blog, or maybe even take the time to comment. I truly appreciate you. It pleases me when I follow the email link back to your pages, because I find that most of you write the kind of blogs I would write if I only had the inspiration. I’m sorry to say that I occasionally miss one of these potential blog buddies through trying to avoid the bots (I assume) who “like” every post that comes up regardless of content or quality. If I get a “like” within ten seconds of posting, from a thirteen-year-old Romanian Goth poet whose links include “Tasty cockroaches” and “Buy my book here,” I get a little suspicious that this is not a true soul mate.

I promise my readers that I will never “like” them unless I like them. I won’t allow my blog to show up in followers’ email with a link to some site that promises to teach you how to make money blogging or offers a treasure map for only a small fee.

I don’t expect to get any “likes” from this post. It’s boring, and not my usual style. Still, if it brought you to my site for the first time, welcome!  Try another page. You might find something to like. And if you “like” it too, so much the better.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.

I have to apologize for the quotation marks. I don’t know enough about formatting to do something different.