Day 1–The first shovelfuls of dirt have been moved. The first grunts of effort have sounded in the neighborhood, and we look with regret at the grapefruit tree that has to be sacrificed. It’s all happening, finally.

Darling Daughter’s house is undergoing a much-needed remodel. It’s been a couple of months of designing and re-designing, plan checks and permits, with a whole lot of second-guessing thrown in. Are we doing the right thing? Should we be spending all this money? When we question the whole thing, we just have to look at DD’s face when she considers being able to invite company in for dinner and actually having enough counter space in the kitchen to prepare a meal.

The house was built in the 1950s, a part of the great building boom that followed WWII. Soldiers and sailors came home and, doing what comes naturally, started producing babies. Suddenly there were millions of families that needed homes, and tracts of nice, simple, comfortable little houses sprang up like dandelions across America. Our tract, like so many others, had a choice of several models, two or three bedrooms each, with a single bath and a two-car garage. One of the big selling points was a built-in garbage disposer. The builders couldn’t keep up with the demand.

Now, the house that seemed not only adequate but marvelous in 1953 is considered a shack. Everybody’s grown to want more from their home, including our DD whose house has never been upgraded. After all, it’s almost embarrassing to have a kitchen with no dishwasher and only enough outlets to run a toaster OR a mixer OR a microwave. Something has to be done!

So, we’re doing it. The kitchen is getting not just a facelift, but also an added 80 square feet or so. Her bedroom is doubling in size, with a walk-in closet and a master bath for cossetting body and soul. As a stress-inducer, this is likely to be right up there for a few months. Darling Daughter, as the occupant of the house, obviously has to put up with the dust and the noise and the lack of privacy during all of this; Hubby and I, as property owners, have only to put up with the expense while we watch from a distance, at least in the beginning stages.  Later, we’ll all pitch in for the finishing touches and it’ll be wonderful when everything’s done. At least, that’s the plan. If I say it often enough, it might just come true.

Today is just the beginning.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.