Well, I missed it. Tuesday, December 11, marked a full year since I started this blog and I had a great post to stick out into the ether just to celebrate the anniversary. Sadly, I was too busy with real life to get around to it.

Actually, I suppose, I could blame the whole thing on my husband, who hogged the kitchen computer most of the day. Even if he asked me a couple of dozen times if I wanted to sit there (as he always does, being a thoughty soul), that doesn’t absolve him. He knows I’m just too damned nice to make him move. Why didn’t I just use one of the laptops? Give me a moment to think about it; I’m sure there was a good reason.

All right, I lazied out! Some days, even on these special occasions, I just don’t feel like putting the words down on virtual paper. Today I’m willing, but the typing only produces mundane slush. Happens sometimes.

Maybe I’ll down another cup of coffee and a couple of chocolate bars. That ought to start something in my brain–it usually does–although the chances of great literary output are slim. Still, keep your eyes peeled just in case.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.