Wow, I never knew I was so poetic! Here are a few tidbits from the armoire, bits of wisdom I scribbled years ago, figuring that one day they’d be catchwords for the world. Now that I’ve been around a while, I find that everything has already been said by someone else in words pretty close to my own. If that makes my sentences less unique (wait a minute, I don’t think “unique” is modifiable…), so be it. I still believe them all.

  • You can’t alter what you refuse to see.
  • My heart sees things my eyes sometimes miss.
  • If you wait for happiness to find you instead of creating it in yourself, you take a chance on missing it all.
  • The most formidable foe of progress is apathy.
  • Sunset is unspectacular without clouds.
  • Lack of excitement may be boredom, or it may be contentment. It’s your choice.

Everyone has a list like this, even if they’ve never written it down. Yes, you do, too. Search your armoire, or your memory, and share your list with me.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.