Okay, I admit I’m beyond technologically challenged. I grew up in a time when words were written on real paper using a pencil, a pen, a crayon, or a typewriter (which was a marvelous machine that went click-click-click-click-ding when you touched various parts of it) and I’ve never quite moved on. Yes, I’ve been using a computer since 1990 or thereabouts, but I feel that as long as I don’t push it too far it won’t come back and bite me.

You may not believe this, but in the office where I worked, I was always the one they came to when they needed a memo written, or a Christmas greeting for our Loyal Employees. I usually could come up with reasonable words, but when the thing finally appeared, it would have formatting that I hadn’t even thought of. Headings would be italicised or bright or bold. As you see, I have almost mastered those functions. I once accomplished a border, but as it tended to print on top of the company logo, I never tried that again.

Now here I am, comfortably retired, with time to write and the means at hand to do so, and I can’t decipher enough of the instructions to put a cute little picture somewhere in the post without making it my header. I’d tear my hair out, but it’s getting a little thin in back anyway.

So I appeal to you, my friends. Will someone please tell me how to attach a picure to a post–just one post–so that it shows up in the listings as something other than a Hopi drawing? Be sure to use words of no more than two syllables. I’m not sure my aged brain can handle anything greater than that.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.