“I have not yet begun to blog!” Somebody famous said that (or something a little like it) once upon a time. I know the feeling. It seems that I am just embarking on an endeavor that will make a difference in my life, although I don’t expect my words to touch as wide an audience as John Paul Jones found.

A few people have found me, though, among them The Sandwich Lady, http://thesandwichlady.wordpress.com, who was kind enough to nominate me as a Versatile Blogger. I’m gratified that she found something to enjoy in the few posts I’ve managed to get out so far. I hope that she’ll continue to find my thoughts amusing and interesting, as I do hers. My thanks to her for making me feel a part of the blogging community.

Being new at all this, I had to look up this “versatile” thing to find out what was involved. I can manage the seven random thoughts about myself without too much trouble, because I’m about as random as they come.

1. I love chocolate, sweet peas, Chopin, sunrises, and especially my family, not in that order and not all for the same reasons.

2. My favorite color is yellow. At one point, I painted every room in my house yellow. I know, but I loved it.

3. I prefer old TV shows to the current offerings.

4. Once upon a time I was a National Merit Scholarship finalist.

5. I can’t wear gloves when I work in the garden. My fingernails are the worse for it, but I love the feel of popping seeds in the ground and knowing that plants will soon emerge where there was nothing but bare ground before.

6. I grew up before Free Love, Free Drugs, Free Sex, Free Everything. I think you need to pay, in one way or another, in order to value what you get.

7. I firmly believe that IT ALL COMES BACK. If you treat someone well, good will come to you from it, directly or indirectly. Okay, maybe this belongs under No. 6, but I think it’s worth it’s own note.

In the short time I’ve been blogging, I’ve found so many interesting, hunorous, thoughtful, insightrul blogs that it’s difficult to pin down 15 to nominate as future recipients of this award. Some of the ones that have appealed to me are as much beginners at this as I am; some have been posting so long that I haven’t begun to read all their posts. All of these are worth a look.









(more to come)

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.