Is it only me, or do things seem to happen while you’re not looking, too? I find that if I blink for a moment the Republicrats have shifted their positions so that I’m now part of the far right–or the far left–without moving an inch. Yesterday my doctor told me to eat a lot of fish to develop my brain cells; today he says avoid fish at all costs to save my brain cells. I’m afraid to watch the news for fear I’ll find out the world’s been obliterated and I’ve missed it.

Okay, most of it’s my own fault. I’ve never been on the cutting edge. Somehow my couple of minutes of fame has eluded me, and to tell the truth, I’d have been too scared to appreciate it if it had materialized. The comfort zone for me, as for most people, is the second or third level of The News of the Day. You know, the stories that smiling anchors with too many teeth declare will be “coming up right after the break.” Who knows? Maybe it’s the time out that makes us more receptive.

If I can add a smile to your day, so much the better. There’s enough tragedy in the daily news. So, stick with me and we’ll take a look at life beyond the glaring headlines.

I’ll see you again, after the commercial.